Marlys Vander Linden
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(260) 350-4496
Welcome! I am delighted that you are taking some time to learn more about the AIM Program, offered by EMC², and the wonderful self-healing opportunities that this spiritual technology provides. I trust that you will find this website to be both informative and enlightening.

Like so many others I became very excited after reading the book "Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness". I had an almost immediate sense of "knowing" that I had just come across something quite extraordinary. I cannot say that I did not have any reservations. It was very reassuring to me that a number of well known, and well respected, people such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Kevin Trudeau and Louise Hay have availed themselves of this powerful self-healing technology. Almost immediately I wanted to know how I could participate in this program. Naturally, I was thrilled that the program was now available to anyone, anywhere, at a cost that is affordable. Shortly after I began participating in AIM, I decided I wanted to learn how I could become a facilitator and the rest, as we say, is history.

As for my own personal AIM experience, I can say that even though I have been blessed with good physical health, I had struggled with depression for a number of years. After my own self-healing, I am happy to report that the specter of depression no longer hangs over my head. I feel more peaceful, more confident and more grounded. I also feel a greater sense of purpose. The AIM program provides a powerful tool that allows you to exercise both self-healing and self-responsibility. In my opinion, it helps you to shed things that have been holding you down, to get "unstuck" and to move forward. I like to think of AIM as a gigantic buffet of energetic balancing frequencies. Your higher self, the part of you that is already in perfect balance, selects which frequencies you need to balance, in what order and for how long. You are always in charge of your own self-healing experience.

The reason I chose "aimforall" as the name for my website is that it is an expansive name for expansive spiritual technology. I believe AIM is for all beings, regardless of geographical location, gender, age, ethnic background or religious practices. AIM is also for all aspects of your being, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I want to thank you for visiting my website. I am honored by your presence here.

With Love and Gratitude,

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